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Looking for New Hire:  Diagnostic Well Analyst

Downhole Diagnostic is represented by the Downhole Dynamometer (AKA the Dyno King).
Business has been growing and I am looking to hire my first employee! 
The new position is for a Diagnostic Well Analyst and you will be doing the same thing that I do:
  • Drive to wells and acquire Fluid Level Shots & Dynamometer data on oil wells.
  • Interpret the data on-sight and write a short summary of your findings.
  • Make optimization recommendations and adjust the POC settings (as needed).
  • Also, I will teach you how to raise and drop rod strings (by stacking the rod string out on the wellhead) so you can drop the rods to put the pump on a tag or raise the rods to remove a tag.
The pay will be very competitive and once you have been trained I envision a sort of compensation that is part hourly rate + commission on each job performed.  You will be given a company truck, health insurance and 10-days paid vacation.  The work schedule will be somewhat flexible and there is potential for bonuses based on performance.
I am only hiring one person and I need someone special, so I will be selective in my evaluation process.  If you are a self-starter that knows how to get things done and is motivated to learn and apply yourself, please send me a line at and let me know about yourself and your experience.
You must have at least two years oilfield experience and have some level of knowledge of Rod Pumping and some experience in either gathering or interpreting data from Echometer's Fluid Level Gun and Dynamometer.  
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