e-Course:  Rod Pumping Diagnosis & Optimization

5/8/2021:  I am hoping to be finished with the course by the end of 2021 and have it up live.  Business and life have been busy and I don't know how to cut corners in putting it together, so it has taken longer than I anticipated  Just enter your information at the bottom of this page and I will notify you by email when it is live.
I was working as a Petroleum Engineer for 5-years and my passion for rod pumping optimization is what pushed me to start Downhole Diagnostic, which I have been doing the last 7-years.  I have an interesting background in the fact I am a Petroleum Engineer but I am out in the field working at the wells acquiring and interpreting Fluid Level & Dynamometer data—so I have a nice blended knowledge of the theoretical aspects of Rod Pumping mixed with the dirty hand-on understanding.
As I have been acquiring Fluid Level & Dynamometer data and diagnosing wells these last 7-years I have been saving and cataloging interesting data sets of different types of dynamometer cards, unusual fluid level shots, malfunctioning or improperly programmed POC’s, and other scenarios where a well was difficult to diagnose but with the proper thought process and testing I was able to properly determine what was happening downhole.  I have been saving all this information and thought I might write a book someday …but then I realized a visual medium is much better at conveying the information—so I am in the process of creating an online course!
The course will consist of the most beautiful PowerPoint presentation you have ever seen with a video of me overlaid on it in the bottom right corner, so you can see me talking and see the slides behind me.  I started working on the course in June, 2019, and have steadily been putting it together in my free time.  I am a husband, father, and a 1-man business (and I a perfectionist), so it has taken longer than I first anticipated, but all great things take time.  I have tons of examples of Fluid Level & Dyno data and interesting pictures I have taken in the field that will keep the course entertaining, and I am not just writing paragraphs on the slides and them going to read it to you:  there will be a minimal amount of writing (bullet points) on the slides and I will be showing pictures and example data sets to explain the material in a new/exciting way.  The two main goals of the course are to make it highly informative (teach you everything I know) and to make it interesting.
The list of topics to be covered are given below:
    1.     Basic Rod Pumping Concepts
    2.     Introduction to Rod Pumping Optimization & Diagnostic Tests
    3.     Fluid Level Shots:  Application and Interpretation
    4.     Downhole Pumps and Rod Pump Operation
    5.     Dynamometer Surveys:  Understanding and Interpretation
    6.     Echometer Software
    7.     Gas Interference and Solids:  How to Mitigate and Deal with Them
    8.     Run Time Control & Automation:  Timer, POC, & VSD
    9.     Other Topics:  Chemical Treatment, Interpretation in Context, etc.
   10.    Optimization and Troubleshooting Wells:  Tying it All Together
Once finished the course will be posted online and you will be available to watch it on your own time:  it will be available 24/7 and you can watch it in pieces to fit it in your schedule.  I have had a lot of international people sign up so I plan to include closed captions (written words) for the whole course.
If you are interested in the course please fill out the form below and I will notify you when it is up and running.  Thanks & Cheers!   -Shawn

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