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e-Course:  Rod Pumping Diagnosis & Optimization

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50-hour e-course, now available for purchase (6-months access):

Detailed Course Outline

Sales Brochure (with POP Quiz)

There are 9-hrs of free preview videos, which you can watch after signing up for free on the course website, so you can see the format/quality of the course before purchasing:

    Free preview of Sections:  1, 2, 3, 4.1, 5.1 & 5.2, 6.1, 8.1 & 14.3):  link

50-hour eCourse:  Rod Pumping Diagnosis & Optimization

I am happy to inform you that after 5-years of intensive work, my online course is now live and available for purchase!  The course is amazing (Dyno-Might!) and there is no course like it (…my goal has always been to make it the best course in the universe and I think I achieved it--watch some of the videos and you will agree).  I have attached a detailed course outline for the 14-sections showing every topic covered and the progression of topics through the class.  You can preview some sections for free on the link above, where you can sign up for the course.

The course is a Master Class on designing, troubleshooting and optimizing rod pumping wells.  We go into depth on how to use the Echometer fluid level gun and dynamometer (our two diagnostic tools that let us see downhole), so if you or anyone at your company is using this equipment they should definitely sign up.  But the course is more broadly tailored for anyone (engineer, foreman, pumper, salesman) seeking to get a firm grasp of rod pumping systems and how to design/diagnose/optimize them.


We also cover in great detail:  downhole gas and solids separation, different pump designs, POC’s & VSD’s, chemical treatment, specialty equipment used to extend run life, Echometer equipment and software, and there are lots of troubleshooting and optimization examples from real wells (with real data sets I have been collecting). 


By the end of this course, you will be an expert in understanding rod pumping components, Fluid Level Shots, Dynamometer Cards & Dyno Systems, gas/solids separation and various pump designs for gas/solids, POC/VSD automation, failure prevention and overall optimization.


The course is all recorded and posted online:  you will have 6-months access to the material after purchase and you can take the sections in chronological order or skip around as you desire.  The class is long, but I wanted to lay out everything I know and I did not want to cut any topics out.  Since it is online, you can take the class at your own pace and depending on your job duties, you might not be interested in every topic so the class will be shorter than the full length.  

The course is well structured and designed for any level of knowledge:  I will start at the basics and build up to advanced levels on each topic.  I keep the writing on the slides to a minimum and I have tons of great pictures from the field and diagrams I constructed in power-point to illustrate the topics.  The course will keep your attention.


I have been studying rod pumping systems intensively the last 15-years and I poured my heart and soul into this project as I worked on it the last 5-years.  So if you are an engineer, a foreman, service company salesman or pumper and you want to take a huge leap forward in your understanding and operation of your Rod Pumping wells, I recommend you check out the free preview videos and see if the course looks interesting.  Bulk discounts available to organizations that want to enroll many students, and if you life in a country with a weak currency verse the US dollar, let me know and I can help help you out with a discount.  Bitcoin is also accepted for payment (if you live abroad and cannot transmit funding any other way).

I hope to see you in class!


Shawn Dawsey, PE

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