Downhole Diagnostic:

Founded in 2014, Downhole Diagnostic LLC is a Midland, Texas, based business that focuses on Well Optimization & fostering Well-Being.  Using easily installed surface-mounted equipment (a Fluid Level Gun + Dyno), we acquire downhole producing data to help oil operators monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their producing wells.  


We perform service for companies all around the Permian Basin (West Texas & New Mexico) as well as making periodic trips out to the Eagle Ford fields around the San Antonio & Austin area for a few customers.


[[ NOTE:  Currently, I am Downhole Diagnostic's only employeeso you can expect the same quality of service each and every job. Since I am the only employee, if you see the term "we" written anywhere on the website just know the term is refering to me and the Dyno King!  (...sometimes saying "we" makes me more relaxed knowing I am not the only one burdening all the weight around here)  :D   ]]


In addition to performing Fluid Level & Dynamometer Surveys with the end goal being being Rod Pumping Optimization, we also perform Failure Analysis Studies, provide in-house and/or field-based Rod Pumping Training Cources (for engineers, pumpers, or fellow Well Techs) and do Company Man work Supervising Pulling Units.


Downhole Diagnostic is represented by our mascot, the Dyno King (AKA “the Downhole Dyno”).


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Shawn Dawsey:

Raised in San Antonio, TX, I attended Texas A&M and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Geology in 2009.   I then moved to Midland, TX, where I worked for a well-established, smaller-sized Oil & Gas Operator as a general Petroleum Engineer.  My company drilled on average 15-20 wells a year and operated 320+ wells spread across the Permian Basin with 90% of these wells employing Rod Pumping (Beam Lift).  I was driven to succeed and inspired to learn, so I quickly took an interest in Rod Pumping design, optimization and failure prevention, and I quickly began to apply what I was learning at my job with great success.


In April, 2012, I was promoted to the position of Production Manager, which I held for 2-years until I departed in May, 2014, to erect Downhole Diagnostic. 


My work experience with my former employer included: 

  • Acting as the Company Man: supervising drilling rigs and pulling units.
  • Direct interaction with Pumpers troubleshooting surface equipment and downhole pumping problems.
  • Writing procedures for well workovers, cement squeeze jobs, & completion drill-outsthen supervising the field work.
  • Monitoring well tests, lease production, and LOE (Lease Operating Expenses).
  • Performing root-cause failure analysis (on-site and through Well File reviews) & optimizing downhole equipment designs.
  • Monitoring, revamping, and directing the chemical program and the hot oil program.
  • Acquiring diagnostic data on rod pumping wells, applying the information by making changes to the well, and then monitoring the result.


While working for my former employer, I took a special interest in Rod Pumping Optimization and Failure Prevention.  By implementing new downhole equipment designs, revamping the chemical treating program, and working with the field hands to educate and optimize the field operationsI helped spearhead an average 40% reduction in the failure frequency during my 5-year tenure with the company.


In December, 2014, I became a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas after passing the Professional Engineering Examination.


Since starting Downhole Diagnostic, I now do primarily on-site data acquisition and analysis using my diagnostic tools (Echometer's Fluid Level Gun & Dynamometer), but I also do a few other odds and ends, including:

  • Supervising Pulling Units (acting as the Company Man).
  • Engineering Consulting Services:  doing rod designs, helping customers build wellbore diagrams and well histories on newly acquired leases, etc.
  • Rod Pumping Training Classes:  I have taught both field & classroom based courses to Pumpers, Well Techs and Engineers on various topics from Dynamometer Card Interpretation, POC Programming & Operating, and Rod Pumping Optimization and Failure Prevention.  


But more importantly—on a personal levelI have a passionate zeal for living life to the fullest!  I enjoy the challenge of running Marathons (personal best of 3:11:27); I am passionate about reading, learning, and philosophizing on the deeper matters of the life; I think growth only comes hard work and pushing limits—hence, I work harder than a Mexican donkey; and despite my many personal faults and shortcomings, I actively aspire to be more Christ-like in my daily thoughts and actions.  

Shawn Dawsey in 2014:  suited up.
Shawn Dawsey on a freezing cold west Texas winter day.
Shawn Dawsey after running the 2015 Midland Energy City Half-Marathon.