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Downhole Diagnostic:

Founded in 2014, Downhole Diagnostic LLC is a Midland, Texas, based business that focuses on Well Optimization & fostering Well-Being. I apply FL Shots & Dynamometer Tests with rod-pumping know how to help customers diagnose and optimize the way they are producing their wells.

I have an engineering and operations based background, so I know what is important to operators since I used to be one.

I have an amazing Rod Pumping e-course coming out soon (around Spring, 2022) that will be something you can log into and take on your own time and at your own pace.  I have been working on it for 3-years in my free time and it draws on all my experience and the catalogue of interesting FL/Dyno test data I have acquired over my career.  Very excited about how good it is looking now that I am getting to the finish line.  You can sign up for the email list if you want to know when it is completed (link at top).

I have recently been doing more public speaking/training at Oilfield Forums, so connect with me on Linked-In if you want to get updates on the next time I will be presenting.


Downhole Diagnostic is represented by our ( mascot, the Dyno King (AKA “the Downhole Dyno”).


Downhole Diagnostic is represented by the Downhole Dynamometer (AKA the Dyno King).
Shawn Dawsey:

Raised in San Antonio, TX, I attended Texas A&M and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Geology in 2009.   I then moved to Midland, TX, where I worked for a well-established, smaller-sized Oil & Gas Operator as a Production/Operations Engineer.  I was driven to succeed and inspired to learn, so I quickly took an interest in Rod Pumping Optimization and began learning and applying.  The last two years at the company, I was the Production Manager.   In May, 2014, I left to start Downhole Diagnostic. 


While working for my former employer, I took a special interest in Rod Pumping Optimization and Failure Prevention.  By implementing new downhole equipment designs, revamping the chemical treating program, and working with the field hands to educate and optimize the field operationsI helped spearhead an average substantial reduction in the failure frequency during my 5-year tenure with the company.


In December, 2014, I became a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas after passing the Professional Engineering Examination.

But more importantly—on a personal level—I have a passionate zeal for living life to the fullest!  I enjoy the challenge of long distance running (personal best at Marathon of 3:11:27); I am passionate about reading, learning, and philosophizing on the deeper matters of life; I think growth only comes from hard work and pushing limits—so I grind everyday.  I have a beautiful wife and two adorable kids (Karina & Maxim).  And I love pumping units ( wife gets jealous sometimes of my "pumping ladies").

Shawn Dawsey in 2014:  suited up.

2021 Permian Basin Artificial Lift Forum


2021.11.24 - SPE Lunch & Learn

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