Sucker Rod Pumping Short Course (PDF) v1.1 by Downhole Diagnostic 

Oilfield Rod Pumping Optimization and Gas Interference
Oilfield Downhole Pump Performance

Download the full 6-page brochure and feel free to share with any and all.

 As a gift to the industry, I compiled this 6-page brochure outlining (in as concise a fasion as possible) the Principles of Sucker Rod PumpingDesign, Operation, & Optimization. I labored many weeks in putting it together, so I hope it will be of value to you in your operations.  I had several well known industry leaders proof-read it for accuracy and I have only had to make one slight modification to the material since first publishing (thanks to helpful feedback from Dr. Sam Gibbs).  Cheers and happy pumping!
Image of a PRT (Polished Rod Transducer) clamped onto a Polished Rod (used to acquire Dynamometer data)
Oilfield Fluid Level Gun used to determine the depth to the liquid level on rod pumped wells.
Echometer's Horseshoe Dynamometer used for determining the downhole pump performance on beam lifted wells.
Image showing Echometer's PRT & Horseshoe Dynos installed on a Rod Pumping Well in Pecos, Texas.
Helpful References for Sucker Rod Pumping:  (Green=Link)




  • Echometer - they have some great rod-pumping software & insightful industry papers that can be freely downloaded. 

  • Penta Completions - has some good downloads at the bottom of the page ("Product Catalog" the most expansive).

  • Don-Nan Pump & Supply - good pictures and spec sheets on TAC's, rod pumps, & pump components.

  • Artificial Lift Research & Development Council (ALRDC) - some reference artificial lift pictures and links to some software packages (but website not well maintained).  The best info is located under the central "Services - Open" tab.


Rod Pumping Videos & Animations


PDF's & Additional Reference Information:

  • Rod Failure Analysis by Norris:  great 22-page failure analysis brochure detailing the different mechanisms causing sucker rods to fail and showing detailed images that are very helpful for identifying sucker rod root-cause failure analysis.
  • Rod Specs by Penta Completions:  helpful reference table listing all the rod dimensions (from wrench flat to end fitting diameter, etc).  Reference is helpful when determining what size overshot to run to fish out any type of rod part.
  • Motor Frame Size:  use to determine the shaft diameter for the motor sheave (when changing the SPM).   


Rod Pumping InSight:  (Click through images)