Oilfield Equipment for Sale

5300' of COROD (Continuous Rod) - For Sale - $4000/each (12 available)
A customer of mine recently switched over 12 wells from Rod Pump to Gas Lift and now they are looking to sell 12 sets of COROD that are all about 5300' in length (no couplings except at the top and the bottom of the rod).  You can add stick rods above and below the COROD to get the desired length for your pump depth.  The COROD is three tapers and goes from 1" to 7/8" and it is Semi-Elliptical (not round).  Rods are located by Mertzon, TX (by San Angelo).  Rods were in use for about 2-years and visually appear to be in good condition.
This is a steal of a deal:  customer just wants the rods gone off location.  If you are interested in them email me.